SICK??? (You’ve gotta be kidding me)

Hey guys, WELCOME BACK!!! I feel like I shouldn’t use all caps because I’ve been sick for, like, the past two days. I am so sorry I haven’t been updating in awhile! I have been so sick it makes me cry….my voice sounds like I ripped out my vocal chords and ran them over with a dump truck. #Truth. But good news is that I don’t completely feel like a piece of shit. I only kinda feel like a piece of shit! It has been a rough two days, but I’m glad I’m back! ON A BRIGHTER NOTE!!!! Does anyone watch YouTube? Well yesterday someone on Instagram told me that I should start a YouTube channel because, um, apparently, I’m “Funny” Yeah I know right! Since when? But what do you guys think? Should I start a YouTube channel? Let me know down below! *Falls off couch cause there is a spider near me* I hate my life. Spiders give me anxiety, like, when a raisin cookie looks like a chocolate chip cookie. Trust issues.  I am gonna keep this really short till I get better. QUESTION OF THE DAY: 

What do you guys think about me starting a YouTube channel? Care to share? Penny for your thoughts? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!



Hi guys and welcome back to day 2 of my blog! Super excited to tell you about today and something that happened yesterday. So starting with today, I woke up around 9:15ish and was ready to just face plant and go back to bed, being honest, but I didn’t I trudged my lazy ass down the steps and watched Blue Exorcist (Anime, anyone know it?) Around 11:30 my family went out and so I decided to play music (Panic! At the disco, fall out boy, set it off, get scared.One song from The Cab and Hollywood Undead. so…) And when I was working on the kitchen, after I got done the living room and dining room, I was struck with a brilliant idea! (Wow,  super shocking!) So me being me I quickly raced into the living (Knocking shit over on my way *LIKE A BOSS*) and turned on anime crack, cause it’s not like I have a playlist of that….or anything-pfftt who would?? Me, and proceeded to act out and mouth along to the videos. (Which included Naruto, Blue Exorcist, Tokyo Ghoul, Ouran highschool host club, Yuri!!! On ice.) And by the time my family got home I pretty much had the whole house cleaned. AND SPEAKING OF YURI ON THAT MOTHERFUCKING ICE!!!!! This was literally me:

Episode 9: Okay writers you trying to fool us thinking that its a ring that Yuri’s gonna give Viktor. I know it’s a medal.!

Episode 10: *Yuri gives Viktor the ring* I am never listening to myself again. I-Wha-Okie…-THIS IS THE LAST TIME I LISTEN TO MYSELF!!!

But yah know what? I only screamed throughout the entire episode 3 times. Improvement. Lets talk on a more deeper and kinda scarier note, Yesterday I was home alone till around 7pm, but, it gets pitch black out bye 4:30-5:00. And I kept hearing weird noises and for a moment I thought someone was trying to break in?? But thinking back on it, I think it was the refrigerator….AND ENDING ON A HIGH NOTE!!! I am so excited for tomorrow because this Phanfiction updates it’s on Archive of our own. It’s called Burn and Bloom and it’s based on Avatar: The last airbender. Go check it out and tell me what you think! QUESTION OF THE DAYYY *runs around screaming*

What anime do you guys like? What about fandoms? Care to share? Penny for your thoughts? Tell me in the comments below!!!