SICK??? (You’ve gotta be kidding me)

Hey guys, WELCOME BACK!!! I feel like I shouldn’t use all caps because I’ve been sick for, like, the past two days. I am so sorry I haven’t been updating in awhile! I have been so sick it makes me cry….my voice sounds like I ripped out my vocal chords and ran them over with a dump truck. #Truth. But good news is that I don’t completely feel like a piece of shit. I only kinda feel like a piece of shit! It has been a rough two days, but I’m glad I’m back! ON A BRIGHTER NOTE!!!! Does anyone watch YouTube? Well yesterday someone on Instagram told me that I should start a YouTube channel because, um, apparently, I’m “Funny” Yeah I know right! Since when? But what do you guys think? Should I start a YouTube channel? Let me know down below! *Falls off couch cause there is a spider near me* I hate my life. Spiders give me anxiety, like, when a raisin cookie looks like a chocolate chip cookie. Trust issues.  I am gonna keep this really short till I get better. QUESTION OF THE DAY: 

What do you guys think about me starting a YouTube channel? Care to share? Penny for your thoughts? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!


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